Direct mail still matters.

Every day, your customers are being exposed to hundreds of online ads as they scroll, click, and swipe. But too much digital advertising can actually make a consumer feel burnt out and less likely to convert. These ads can feel annoying, repetitive, or irrelevant. They can cause a consumer to change from a potential buyer to a lost lead.

So, how can modern marketers reduce digital advertising burnout while increasing conversion rates and return on ad spend?

They use postcard retargeting from NaviStone.

What Is Postcard Retargeting?

Who doesn't like getting a postcard? It's a thoughtful gesture that's sure to get the attention of any recipient. After all, a personalized postcard, a reminder that someone is thinking about you, is far more likely to stick out in the mailbox than everyday bills and junk mail.

Postcard retargeting is the process of sending highly personalized print media to website visitors who left your site without converting. Also known as direct mail retargeting or remarketing, this marketing method is designed to pique the interest of lost visitors by re-engaging them with something relevant, timely and tangible, at their home, when they have the time to truly consider a purchase.

While traditional print ads were designed to appeal to a broad audience, a modern direct mail retargeting program allows marketers to tailor their message to a more narrow segment of consumers, with personalized content.

And that's why postcard retargeting can make a difference in your marketing efforts.

Postcard retargeting is an opportunity to follow up and connect with website visitors, existing customers, and lapsed customers. In a world where the majority of consumers get their advertising in a digital space, receiving mail pieces, like a 6"x9" postcard, can make a huge difference in the buyer's journey. In fact, case studies suggest that an effective retargeting strategy can increase conversions by as much as 70%. Getting a postcard can feel incredibly refreshing in an ocean of digital ads.

Broadly speaking, postcard retargeting works by using embedded code in your company website to identify lost leads. Marketers leverage the intent signals from the website visitors and use matching technology to pair these consumers to their corresponding postal names and mailing addresses. Personalized content is created and direct mail is sent.

Benefits of Postcard Retargeting

Postcard retargeting can be highly beneficial for ambitious marketers.

Aquire New Customers

Most consumers don’t intend to make a purchase the first (or second or even third) time they visit your site. They are gathering information, educating themselves, browsing. They may certainly be interested in what you have to offer, but not likely to pull the trigger and purchase during that visit. In fact, more than 95% of consumers leave a website without transacting.

Postcard retargeting can help change that. It will enable you to reach those website browsers who don't convert, who may have left incomplete forms or abandoned shopping carts during their site visit. It will provide a gentle reminder that they forgot to complete their transaction. With the help of highly customizable, personalized postcards, you can acquire new customers and increasing brand awareness.

Streamline Print Advertising Costs

Retargeting postcards helps to streamline and even lower print advertising costs. Mail campaigns can be expensive, especially when using quality print materials. The time and money spent developing a compelling 4C embossed postcard campaign, can go to waste without strategic targeting. Direct mail retargeting gives marketers a chance to make an impact with physical print materials by getting the creative in the consumers hands at the exact time they are showing intent to buy.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Modern direct mail retargeting helps your brand stand out. Your customers are using different apps and visiting multiple websites. They are inundated daily with digital ads and are receiving hundreds of emails to their already cluttered inboxes. With less than 5 pieces of direct mail beind delivered to a household on any given day, a highly personalized postcard cuts through the noise of today's online marketing and gets your brand noticed.

Any company can create a generic ad for the web, but how many brands are willing to make the effort to design and send targeted postcards? Simply sending a postcard to lost leads can help to enhance brand awareness and support your customers in making informed purchase decisions.

Drive Lifetime Value

Retargeting via direct mail, can help to not only acquire new customers but to also retain more customers, reactive lapsed customers and drive greater lifetime value. Remarketing to customer segments with an engaging postcard program can reinvigorate customers. It will get them to purchase after they have forgotten about you and to make that second purchase after an initial engagement. Once that second transaction is made, lifetime value dramatically improves. Your direct mail retargeting program shows your audience that you're willing to go the extra mile to provide print advertisements tailored to them. In turn, this can help to secure brand loyalty, increase conversions, and keep customers returning to your website.

Our Process

At NaviStone, we make postcard retargeting easy and effective.

  • Insert One Line of Code on Your Website - We'll begin by providing your team with a specialized line of code to add to each page of your website that creates a first party cookie and allows for the intent signals to be known.
  • Model Engaged Visitors - Visitors are scored for their likelihood to respond to mail based on intent data and cutting-edge algorithms developed by NaviStone data scientists.
  • Market to Verified Names and Addresses - If your website visitors show purchase intent based on our algorithms, we'll secure a postal name and address. We always observe strict consumer privacy standards to protect our clients and their customers.
  • Execute, Read, and Renew - Our closed loop measurement will allow for program optimization and our automated remarketing technology will continuously work to discover new leads.

If you're not using direct mail retargeting as part of your marketing strategy, you could be missing out.

At NaviStone, we leverage industry-leading automated remarketing technology to deliver exceptional results to our clients. Whether you're looking to increase sales, grow your brand, or drive site traffic, we have the postcard retargeting solution for you. If you're interested in retargeting postcards as part of your marketing efforts, get in touch with us today to learn more about how NaviStone can help.