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Want Actionable Insight Into Your Mailable Web Traffic?

Understanding who your website browsers are and reaching them at home is more critical than ever. Website visitors are showing their intent through the products and pages they browse. Transform these engaged browsers into customers through the most responsive marketing channel - direct mail.

Mailable audience insights will drive a more targeted, personalized direct mail strategy for your marketing programs. These insights can be used to optimize your direct mail campaigns by making them:

  • More accurate
  • Personalized
  • Highly responsive
Privacy compliant, easy and free. Get started today!

At NaviStone, we take retargeting offline with direct mail. We help brands by converting unknown web browsers into purchasers.

We do this by...

  • Identifying website visitors who have “raised their hands” demonstrating intent to buy
  • Modeling through proprietary algorithms to ensure intelligent marketing in all stages of the buyer's journey
  • Distribution of individualized direct mail within 24 hours of the site visit - your printer or ours!


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