Knowing the right marketing message to send at the right time to drive customer engagement is at the heart of the “digital to print” revolution. The digital to print revolution uses data insights from all consumer touchpoints — digital, social, CRM — to help guide the customer along their path to purchase, and then reach them with marketing that maximizes response rate. As you transform your marketing strategies to reach your audience, this eBook will help you discover where data-driven marketing is headed, what it means for you and the ground-breaking ways marketers are using data to drive direct marketing and direct mail success.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How the CMO’s job is evolving to meet customer expectations at all touchpoints

  • The role intent data plays in meeting the customer where they are on their path to purchase

  • Groundbreaking ways to use intent data to reach existing and future customers with direct mail, a high-response medium

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