USPS 2023 Retargeting Mail Promotion: What You Need to Know

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Get ahead of your holiday planning! Learn more about the USPS Retargeting Mail Promotion.

Retargeting with Direct Mail just can't happen without...Direct Mail.

That's why the USPS is offering a 2023 Retargeting Promotion this fall. Be sure to get ahead of your holiday campaign planning and save big by participating in this offer with NaviStone. 

What you need to know! 

  • Promotion Period: September 1st -November 30th
  • 5% Discount
  • Eligible Mail: First Class Mail Postcards

As a registered partner in this campaign, NaviStone is ready to work with you to help you save money on your holiday campaigns. 

Let's connect today to get started and see how much you can save! 

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